Mama Coon

Planting The Seeds When I was too young to understand, my dad used to take me out on Saturday morning to the donut shop, buy our favourite donuts and talk to me about money. He would talk about the stock market or other world news regarding money, or he would talk about our own family […]

Pick Your Spending Priorities

Pick Your Spending Priorities

One way to reduce spending, stick to your budget, and reduce debt is to place priorities your spending choices. Have you ever wondered how to choose categories most important to your family? What about those categories that ride the line between mandatory expenses or discretionary spending? There are plenty of categories that could be considered […]


Visiting The Bank

“Mommy, why does your bank card give you money and mine doesn’t?” asked RU one day. “Well sweetie,” I started, formulating a simple answer for her young 5-year-old mind. “Your bank card lets you put in more money or take out the money you already saved. You have money in the bank because you put […]