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August Report

During the first few days of August the Tykes and I visited their aunt’s house in the countryside and spent more hours in the pond and running around with chickens and dogs than talking about money. Then Mama and Papa Coon picked the kids up for cottaging and camping fun in the great outdoors for […]

Newly emerged male monarch butterfly on Yucca.

July Report

For the first month of summer, the Tykes kept me busy with summer activities so my time spent troubleshooting the blog is usually relegated to the evenings when I am tired and not much gets done. They love reading so I gave them some junior financial books to read too. Even little RU who is […]

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Why a Kids’ Financial Blog?

Mama Coon and I have had many conversations about the lack of financial education in our schools. We knew that the teachers were doing their best, following the curriculum set by the province, but still we felt that the educational system was not providing a complete, or early enough, financial education to our children. So […]


Our Mission And Goals

Financial awareness can be taught to children at an early age through short lessons involving real-life money examples. Over time we expect to cover topics including: money games, explorations, allowances, tracking, goals, accounting, budgeting, banking, savings, donating, investing, financial language building, financial practices, book reviews, links, money stories, fables and more. With parental guidance, exposure […]

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An Introduction To Who We Are

As a multi-generational family, we realize that children are this generation’s greatest gift. By nature, parents love, nurture, protect, teach and guide their children to the best of their abilities hoping they will turn into responsible adults. Part of our plan, as we raise three unique precocious children, is our commitment to introducing money and […]

Teaching children the importance of money, a new blog.

June Report

During the last school year we occasionally tried to impress the importance of money and finance on the kids. But, without enough time, concentrated finance lessons, or time for money games, the concepts went right over their heads. We noticed the lack of the fundamental money principles and realized an educational void. So, by late […]